PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare
PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare
PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare

Pure Yellow Australian Clay - 150g

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Pure Yellow Australian Clay is fantastic for gently exfoliating, toning & cleansing the skin. It will strengthen connective tissues, stimulate blood circulation and draw out toxins and superfluous fat, all while hydrating, nourishing and feeding the skin. Infused with Calendula extract which is beneficial for dry or damaged skin and also promotes the fast healing and regeneration of the skin thanks to its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

Packaged in pure powder form - No Preservatives, Synthetic Stabilisers, Emulsifiers!

How to use me.... Just mix purified water with powder clay mix to form a paste and apply directly onto the skin. Allow to dry 5-20mins, and remove with a warm wet face cloth. Moisturise with your favourite Olie Pure Oil. 

Skincare in it's purest form.  Clay is a natural substance that is highly microbial, so once mixed with water, needs to be used immediatley. Our Clay is packaged in its pure powder form to avoid using any unnecessary chemicals to stabilise it. 

Ingredients - Love, Pure Australian Yellow Clay (Montmorillonite, Quartz, Anatase), Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

100% Natural. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Australian Made.

NO Artificial Fragrances, Colours. NO Parabens, NO Synthetic fillers, NO toxic chemicals 

PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare


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