PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare
PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare
PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare

Natural Organic Pure Argan Facial Oil - 30ml

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Argan oil is a miracle oil, and will absolutely change your life! Commonly referred to as 'Liquid Gold' This oil blend is 100% pure, organic and gently infused with Ylang Ylang, Melissa Leaf and Lavender essential oils to enhance your skin and senses. Argan oil is non comedogenic, so won't clog your pores. This unique blend is perfect for skin that is oily, sluggish or congested, but also super nourishing.

How to use me..... Apply to face and neck twice a day, morning and night after cleansing.

This beautiful blend contains - 

Argan Oil - it's not too heavy, not too light—making it perfect to use on all skin types. It's packed with omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which work to lightly moisturise your skin, soften dry patches, and even reduce acne

Melissa Leaf - With its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Melissa Leaf is also calming, soothing, healing and tightening on the skin, whilst stimulating circulation. It is thought to be great for acne and sunburned skin

Ylang Ylang - Perfect for balancing sebum levels in the skin. If your skin is too oily or too dry, Ylang Ylang will return it to its natural healthy balance. 

Lavender - Lavender oil has profound benefits on your skin because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics. It soothes and nourishes the skin — treating acne, healing dry skin, and reducing the appearance of dark spots and scars caused by acne.

Ingredients - Love, Argania spinosa kernel (Argan) oil*, Melissa officinalis (Melissa Leaf) essential oil, Caning odorata (Ylang Ylang) essential oil, Lavandula augustlfolla (Lavender Australian) essential oil, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E)   * Denotes Certified Organic

100% Natural. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Australian Made.

NO Artificial Fragrances, Colours. NO Parabens, NO Synthetic fillers, NO toxic chemicals 

Skincare in it's purest form. 

PHYSICAL - Olie Pure Skincare


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