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Custom Blend Oil

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Our tailor made Facial Oils are so unique that they are 100% made to order. And exactly for YOUR specific skin's needs. Everyone's skin is different, thats why we have launched our Custom Blend Facial Oil, so you can now have your very own bespoke skincare just for you. 

Ordering is so simple! Add your product to the cart, and we will email you a detailed questionnaire to fill out, detailing all the information we need. With these details we will create your very own Custom Blend Facial Oil that is 100% made to order! 

We use a wide variety of Natural, Organic, Cold Pressed carrier oils and some incredible essential oils can also be blended in, depending on your skin's needs.  Each oil plays specific roles in skincare, and when blended together in the correct way can perform wonders on the skin. 

So be specific when you fill out the form - that way we can make the most absolute perfect skin oil just for you! 

You will receive your Custom Blend Facial Oil within 2 weeks of ordering. It will come with its very own Personalised Ingredient Card, outlining every ingredient in your very own unique bottle. 



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