I recently watched a great doco on Netflix called, “Minimalism”, and I think the idea of minimalism is fantastic. More people should adapt to it in some way for the benefit of our wellbeing and the planet. It got me thinking about Olie Pure, and why I started this incredible skincare line. My main reason behind it was to get healthy clean skincare products into the hands of as many people as possible, and while you might thinking - well, that’s not exactly embodying the sense of minimalism, I would have to disagree.

My standpoint on the ingredients used in our products pretty much sums up minimalism in a bottle! We steer clear of ingredient lists that are a mile long, with un-pronounceable names that have been synthesised in a lab, and by doing so, strip bare exactly what is in the product, and nothing else. We as a society have too many unnecessary chemicals added to things, I'm talking about everything!

You buy a lounge suite or a new car and you're talked into getting fabric protector sprayed on it to stop stains - ever wondered what that is exactly?? You hear of clothes that are being recalled - sometimes even baby/toddler clothes because the denim or fabric was toxic. Our food is sprayed, our air is polluted and of course don't get me started on the billion-dollar personal care product industry.  

My aim is to make each person's life a little cleaner by using Olie Pure's beautiful range. You can minimalise your bathroom cabinet and replace a potential mish mash of products with a couple of stunning black bottles of organic goodness, and feel a whole lot better by doing so. Your skin and bodies will thank you!

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